Buying, Selling and Renting real estate are not easy.
As a Buyer, you might have a lot of information from proper’s expert.

pipDee as the middleman, we help you filter a quality Seller and match your expectations. Let’s pipDee be your assistance for buying your listing.

Problems were found by buyers

The problem are Buyer man who is looking at the property duplicate listings it makes he confused

Duplicate listings

So many agents could be working to sell the exact same properties... And everyone manages their own deals, prices, info. Which is the true offer?

The problem are Seller disappear the property is out of date and unable to contact Sellers seem out of planet


People disappear. Properties are not taken care of. Listings online are out of date. Phone numbers no longer exist. How to avoid all these dead ends?

The problem are Buyer might think a lot whether he can trust or understand Seller from nowhere or not

Difficult people

The kind of people you meet on your road to a big life- and monetary-decision can affect your judgement and clear thinking.
Especially if they’re dishonest.

A Buyer man is very pleased when he meets the real deals and alway fresh property from the right seller lady


Focus your energy on selling, not stress, no searching.

The perfect pipDee provides listings that are owner-approved, with verified information, and exclusive - one Seller, one offer, original content.

A growing, always
changing, website.

Only active agents.

pipDee’s Seller must be responsive, update regularly, and have strict timings for accepting enquiries, as well as answering to Admins. We keep good Sellers at check, working to provide them with necessary resources to stay focused.

pipDee is like a garden - we weed out the old and help our Sellers grow their business with us.

pipDee will guide you
to a better inquiry.

Say exactly what you’re looking for.

Set the expectations; match better.

The fact that a pipSeller pays to get your contact information can be overwhelming. Which is why we want to help you ensure you, too, are as transparent and informative as our listings, and as our Sellers.

FREE for Buyers.

Free to enquirer and contact a Seller.

You are here to browse rooms, lands and houses, and at the end of it, connect with a seller - you are the Seller’s customer, and the Seller is ours. Thus why , to the Buyer, pipDee’s basic functions come at a complete zero cost!

A pipDee assistan and a pipBot to ensure that pipDee can help you finding quality property

The admin is an active resident on the website, here to ensure your best experience. See the admin as a user same as yourself and be free in your conversations with us.

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