Change your email

  1. Log into  by using your pipDee account, you’ll see profile on the left side of page.
  2. Click “Profile”
  3. Click “” behind personal information
  4. Click “” behind the email
  5. Enter your new email address and confirm your new email adress
  6. Click “Submit”
  7. Check your new email. pipDee send activation email 
  8. Click  “Activate your email now” for active your new email.
  9. Open the pipDee website. Sign into pipDee by your new email. 
Version 1.8.5

Change Mobile No

  1. Log into the pipDee website by using your pipDee account.
  2. Click “Profile”
  3. Click behind personal information
  4. Click  behind Mobile No.
  5. Enter your new mobile no.
  6. Click “Send verification code” 
  7. The system will send SMS code to your new mobile phone then enter verify code .
  8. Click “Submit”
Version 1.8.5

Reset and change password

  1. Open the pipDee website, you’ll see sign in on the top right side of page 
  2. Click “Sign in”
  3. Click “I forgot my password”
  4. Enter your email.
  5. Check your email, pipDee sent password reset email
  6. Open the email and click ”Reset my password”
  7. Enter new password and confirm password.
  8. Enter your email and new password to log into again
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