Definition of listing status

Incomplete - Your listing has not been completed the process of posting listing.You able to continue make listing by pressing edit.
Draft - If you start to create a listing but don't complete it, you can save the partially completed listing as a draft so you can finish it later.
Waiting for apporval - The listing is In-process of approval by admin. 
Published - Your listing has been posted on the website.
Unpublised - The listing is not published on website.
Rejected - The listing  has not been approved.
Expired - The listing  has expired.
Suspended - In case, The listing has suspended that mean you have to accectp enquiry or pay the overdue invoices or contact pipDee.
About to Expire - Your listing is about to expire.
Synced (Edit for verify address) - The listing Syncing successfully. After you synced the  listing, you must verify the address before request for publishing by pressing edit.
Error sync - The sync listing  not completed.

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